Ueno Village

About Uenomura

Uenomura is a village located in the southwesternmost area of Gunma Prefecture, and is one of Gunma’s smallest municipalities with fewer than 1,200 residents. About 20% of the population are so-called “I-turn” residents who have moved from more urban areas and now live together with the locals.

95% woodland, the village is full of natural beauty and wildlife. The source of the Kanna River is located here in Uenomura, and its startlingly clear waters have been chosen as one of the “100 Famous Waters of Heisei.” The river is perfect for fishing or water activities.

We welcome visitors to come and enjoy the natural wonders here in Uenomura. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about the bustle of your everyday life.

*Please understand that Uenomura Village is a small rural town with limited English-language support.*


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