Sightseeing Courses

Spring Itineraries

Spring Blossoms Walking Route in Uenomura

Easy walking route to see the village’s many cherry blossoms, complete with hidden shrines and spots for local cuisine.

Fun for the Whole Family: Exploration Underground and Among the Treetops

This 1-day itinerary features a limestone cave, one of the largest power plants in the world, and zip lining through the treetops.

Rambling through a scenic village: Uenomura 1-day itinerary

A quiet morning of fishing, a local grandma’s homestyle Japanese cooking, and a leisurely e-bike ride through old forested backstreets.

Summer Itineraries

Forest Therapy

Japanese Forest Therapy, or Forest Bathing, is the therapeutic act of going on a guided relaxation walk through nature.

2-day Summer Itinerary: Cabin Camping and Leisurely Fun

Perfect for a family or group of friends who want to experience the main attractions of Uenomura, and some very comfortable cabins.

River Fun 1-Day Itinerary

Sample several spots on the Kanna River. These clear waters are a great place to play, swim, wade, and float.

Fall Itineraries

Fall Cycling Route in Uenomura: Down the Old Main Road

Take a leisurely bike ride down a scenic paved road through old Japanese neighborhoods and forested corridors bright with fall colors.

Fall Hiking in Uenomura: Mt. Kasamaru Loop Trail

This past fall we joined a hiking tour on an intermediate trail up Mt. Kasamaru. Vibrant fall colors and great views.

Fall Fun for the Whole Family: 1-Day/1-Night Itinerary

Activities and sightseeing the whole family can enjoy amid the village’s beautiful fall colors.

Winter Itineraries

Family Weekend Getaway in Uenomura – Winter Edition

Strawberry picking, snowless tubing, and nabe hotpot under the stars–plus make-your-own holiday wreath, and more!

Experience Uenomura’s Local Culture and History

Experience the local culture and history of a small Japanese village at a relaxing pace.

Embrace the Cold! 2-Day Winter Itinerary in Uenomura

See a frozen waterfall, catch some winter river fish, and try your hand at airsoft at an outdoor game field.

Year Round Itineraries

Great Outdoors

Surrounded by vibrant green mountains, Uenomura has many unique sites for those adventurous enough to go check it out!

Onsen and Relaxation

Enjoy a relaxing day of onsen and delicious local food in a quaint town surrounded by gorgeous green mountains.

Play, Eat, Shop, Stay

Just the facts on some places to play, eat, shop, and stay in Uenomura.